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Give us a call and see how quickly we can deliver to you. We’re always there in times of last resort. We can provide last-minute rentals to almost any location in Phoenix.In addition, our service is unparalleled. Compared to our competition… we’re light years ahead!

All Events

We rent out equipment for all types of events. Whether you need speakers for your wedding, microphones for your corporate party, lights & mixers for your band, or sub-woofers for your private party.
We have you covered.

Unparalleled Quality

Don’t be fooled by other companies. Why would you want to rent out any equipment other than the best? We don’t invest in lousy equipment and neither should you. That’s why when you rent from us, you get a 100% guaranteed working system!

" I used AZ Audio Rent to rent out the Electro-Voice speakers for my small iPod wedding. They really underestimated their performance, it could easily handle crowds 2 or 3 times the size!"

− Paul

" We had some “big-time” DJ’s come to our venue requesting CDJ-2000. They were in great condition and the entertainers commented on how good they were. Overall, we got what we expected."

− Jackie

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